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A central hub for all Big Bang graphics.
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Welcome to bangingraphics. This community is FRIENDS ONLY, so please join to see the graphics!

Graphics that you can find on this site:
✖ animations
✖ brush sets
✖ color bars
✖ friends Banners
✖ icons
✖ wallpapers
✖ headers
✖ forum sets (banner&avatar)
✖ layouts
✖ macros
✖ (sometimes) moodthemes
mnemosynes_eyes || esotericwhisper
drarmp1t || theuncolored

artist & resources list
apply here
helpful links
affiliate list
official site (korea)
official site (japan)
soompi fanclub
soompi thread
ygbb forum
big bang @ wikipedia
yg entertainment
big bang thailand
big bang english fansite
✖ This community is for graphics only. Do not post anything that is news related, such as articles about the boys, etc. Save that for yg_bigbang.

You must apply for posting access here. Only members of the staff can post. This keeps the community cleaner and organized. Do NOT apply for posting access if you are not going to post graphics. The moderators will delete people who don't post graphics ever. We'll clean people out every 2/3 months or so.

✖ When you are commenting, please be respectful of people! We're all fans, so be nice! The moderators will not tolerate rude comments or flames. Remember that everyone has to start somewhere, and some people are just beginners. Oh! And don't give constructive criticism unless it is SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR. Some people think you are being elitist if you give your opinion when it's not asked for.

✖ Hotlinking is PROHIBITED. Host images to your own site to save bandwidth. No one likes to have their images hotlinked.

✖ All graphics must be posted behind an LJ Cut, with a preview image in the post if you like. Preview images are images that are 200px on the largest side, or if you are posting icons, two or three icons may be shown as a preview image. Images that are too large throw off the journal layout, and make the moderator's OCD go haywire.
✖ If you take a graphic from any of the makers on this community, do not credit the community without crediting the specific maker. Because there are more than one graphic makers on this community, you cannot simply credit the community. Credit the artist first, and then the community.

✖ Tags can be a problem, so try to get them as accurate and simple as possible. The moderators will go through and help monitor the tags, to keep things fairly organized, but it saves us a lot of trouble if you can take care of it in one shot!

Videos. Posting links to videos (streaming or downloading) is prohibited. This is a graphics site. If you want to post videos somewhere, post them at yg_bigbang

✖ If you are caught stealing any of the graphics and claiming them as your own, you will have a very angry community of artists on your hands. Just sayin'.

Please do not advertise. If it is a community about Big Bang, please go to yg_bigbang to advertise.

✖ There are a lot of rules, aren't there? hmm....... anyways, the LAST RULE: have friggin' fun. Artists get crazy sometimes. Feel free to ask for their resources, how they did something, etc, cause there's a good chance we're nerds and will actually get excited and tell you.
Please go here for a continuously updated list of our affiliates. Thank you!
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